Fitkin envisages an India where we all are more energetic, pumped up and actively fit to meet the daily challenges head on. Our motto as an active Fitness Clothing brand is not only to cater to the modern man and woman but also provide an experience that seamlessly fits in with your active lifestyle. We believe in discipline and respect motivation that values self care and constantly aims at achieving the daily dose of endorphins necessary to maximise productivity, decision making and minimizing stress.  
Starting in 2018, we bring you our specially curated fitness collection with quick dry technology and chic designs, developed after two years of intensive research work.


At Fitkin, we are committed to deliver you the right experience which goes in sync with your personal avatar of being the super man and the super woman. We believe that from walk to work or from work to workout, the journey needs to be so natural and smooth that it gives you the motivation to walk that extra mile, break that previous record and bask in your own moment. Thus, keeping this in mind, our textile experts and design curators have formulated excellent and original collections of fitness wear to give you the best fit and look combined with the best fitness experience


Our aim is to create a community of the ordinary who believe in achieving the extraordinary through sheer determination, motivation and self discipline. We aspire to not only design active wear but to design the total experience of fitness such that it would constantly inspire more and more people towards a healthy lifestyle and mental well being. We value self discipline above all and believe that there lays a superpower hidden in all of us, evoking us to do more and be more every day. We at Fitkin wish to celebrate more than just the Feel-good factor but the essence of winning when we break that super hard routine and flush ourselves with sheer drive of adrenaline and excitement. So, here we are welcoming all you Ordinary and not so ordinary folks to give yourself the challenge to challenge your inner strength and unleash the power of Fitness that lays hidden inside.